verb........past tense: redeemed; past participle: redeemed

  1. compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).

  2. gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment. 

We are so excited to unveil our newest #amavoexclusive t-shirt design! We wanted a shirt that summed up what Easter meant to us. What the symbolic meaning is and how this season affects every day of our life. 

When looking at the definition of "redeem" up above, I can't help but sit in awe. To break down those words and really think on what they mean. "Compensate for the faults or bad aspects of something." In a spiritual sense, Christ went to the cross for my bad behavior.  For all of our bad behavior. He compensated for them by sacrificing HIS LIFE. "Gain or regain possession of something in exchange for payment." We regained our FREEDOM and the payment was HIS LIFE. We wouldn't have this life today or the freedom in Christ and salvation given to us if Christ hadn't paid the ultimate price.

THAT is what Easter is all about. 

And that is why we designed this exclusive t-shirt! That is why we design all of our exclusive t-shirts. Our hope and prayer for you when you wear these shirts is that they equip you on your spiritual journey.

We hope all our exclusive designs remind you of WHO'S you are and that you see yourself through Christ's eyes and never forget the ultimate price He paid for YOU.

While this tee is here just in time for celebrating the day Jesus was resurrected, we believe this design will hold it's meaning through every season.

He is Risen. Hallelujah!

AMaVo Exclusive Redeemed
AMaVo Exclusive Redeemed
AMaVo Exclusive Redeemed

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